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From our Silver package to our showroom Platinum Package!

Some of our service Provided are:Foam wash, Hand wash, Vacuum, Steam cleaning, Stain removing, Interior protection, Paint Decontamination, Swirl/Light Scratch removal, Sealent, Spray wax. for more information view our Packages here !

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My name is Gustavo Santiago the owner/operator of Luxury Mobile Detail.I currently manage a restaurant called "Cafe Brentwood", We are located in Los Angeles California. My passion in cars shares the same passion in the food industry and that is the satisfaction of my clients, from when they first walk through the door to the very last bite of their meal. As a car enthusiast, the passion and care for my own vehicles over the years led me to start my company and expand my knowledge and car care to others. I am committed to provide the best service available with top name products to meet your needs and creating a long lasting  relationships along the way.


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